10 New Features To Try in iOS 14

Apple’s iOS 14 operating system is finally live now. On Wednesday, Apple released the latest version of iOS 14 packed with exciting new features and improvements to boost your iPhones performance and security. With the new update, you should know how to take full advantage of the latest technology and upgrades on your device. That’s why we’ve brought you 10 New Features To Try in iOS 14 update. If you’ve downloaded the update you must get familiar with all the below features to do in your iPhone.

App Clips

The latest and most useful feature of iOS14 is App Clips. This feature allows users to use small parts of the App without actually having to download it. It is very handy in situations like trying to pay for takeout or parking, buying movie tickets etc. App Clips is compatible with Apple Pay and Sign In with Apple.


Android users are bored with widgets, the new iOS operating system now includes widgets for the home screen. To add press and hold on a blank area of the screen to get to edit mode, then tap the plus icon to drag and drop to add it.

App Library 

App Library is a smarter function in iOS14 that allows you to organizes all of your apps into folders. It is similar to Android’s app drawer feature.

Apple Maps cycling directions

Apple Maps with iOS 14 is more eco-friendly and has a dedicated Cycling option helps users find bike paths while taking into account elevation, whether the route you take is busy or quiet, and if you’ll encounter any stairs. It has several alternatives and display journey time as well.


Apple iOS14 Picture-in-picture feature is most useful. It allows users to watch a video while using other apps. The video shrinks and be able to float anywhere on the screen. It can also be swiped away and the video’s audio can still play.

Wind Down mode

With the help of Wind down mode users can set a bedtime and wake-up time hich will pu you into Do Not Disturb mode. Shortcut options like meditation or playing relaxing music are also available.

New Memojis

As Apple users can create own Memoji icons . The iOS 14 bringss new style options: more hair, more headwear, more face coverings, and a broader range of ages to make your icon look better.

Pin conversations in Messages

You can now ping your favourite or important conversation to the top of the app in iOS 14. Press on a conversation and choose Pin to pin your chat.

Apple translator

iOS14 have a new app called Translate. It acts as a translator. You can enter text by typin or by saying the word you want to translate.

Hide Some of Home Screens

You can now Hide Some of Home Screens with the App Library feature. Press and hold on a blank area of any home screen. Tap on the dots to show or hide home screens by checking or unchecking the appropriate boxes.

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