5 Simple Strategy To Reach Crown Tier Quickly – PUBG Mobile

PUBG mobile being the most popular battle royale game has an enormous player base. as proved its dominance since the release in 2018. Over the years, PUBG Mobile attracted millions of players worldwide, becoming the most downloaded game on Android and iOS devices with more than 600 million downloads until last year.

Rank Pushing in PUBG Mobile is among the most discussed topics on the Internet and YouTube. If you’re a PUBG mobile player and want to reach a Crown Tier quickly. We’ve listed some helpful tips for you guys in this article.

Choose the Right Strategy

When it comes to Rank push, choosing the best and effective strategy is the best way to achieve your target soon. By strategy – Imean whether you’ll play aggressively or safe. Or, are you aiming for Chicken Dinner or finishing at a higher position. The most important thing is the knowledge to make a decision on whether to take fights or avoid fights in-game that indirectly places you in a good position. 

You should be able to maintain your kill ration while avoiding fights if you want to reach Crown Tier quickly.


The correct timing yields good results. And, the best timing to push rank in PUBG Mobile is the first week. If you start grinding from the first day, it will be a lot easier to reach a higher tier in PUBG mobile later. Hence, the ideal time to push rank is the beginning of the season.

Say No To Hot drops

Avoid hot drops and land near the compact building or at drops that have decent loots. Once you have completed your loot, find the vehicle for you to move quickly from one point to another. Walking barefoot can expose you to enemies and you may end up as a crate soon. 

Improving skills

This is the most common and essential tip to Rank Push quickly. You should also improve your gameplay style and skills while enjoying the game if aiming for a high tier.

Avoid playing with random players

One of the major reason why you aren’t able to rank push quick is -playing with randoms. Coordination and communication are must need to rank push quickly and effectively. So, avoid playing with random players to maintain your rank.

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