Apex Legends add new Map Rotation Update

Electronic ArtsApex Legends is among one of Best Battle Royale games out there. The Game received a Season 4 update on February with few changes in the map and the new Legend Revenant. The developer said goal of this season is to“offer new ways for you to approach the game, and in this case the map, so that each drop, rotation, and gunfight feels as fresh as possible.”

Developers of Apex Legends never fails to amaze us like PUBG Mobile. Apex Legends Battle Royale is about to launch a new Bloodhound-themed limited-time event “Old Ways Lore” on April 7. This new event will allow players to select from the game’s two maps: Kings Canyon or World’s Edge, according to the reports from EA.

The Old Ways event will take place from 7th April to 21st April, will offer a town takeover on the World’s Edge map. Players will be drop into a new location where they can battle and explore the lore of event.

“Starting on April 7, Duos will be added to the game alongside Trios, as well a permanent map rotation that gives players the ability to play Duos or Trios on Kings Canyon and Worlds Edge,” reads the blog post from EA.

As usual Old Ways event comes with amazing prize track to unlock various exclusive cosmetics by completing different challenges, we may get to see new rare-items in-game.

New duos mode will also be added permanently in game from April 7.

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