Apex Legends Duo-mode Available from Today.

Electronic Art’s first person shooting game Apex Legends recently crossed 70 millions download and fans have been requesting developer for the release of duo-mode.The officials announced the news about release of Duos-mode a week ago pointing the release date to be November 5,2019 i.e today.

Apex Legends is organised for its team of three working together will let us play with a single team member now, however the duos-mode is only for a limited period of time.The last date has not been revealed yet. Players requesting for Duo-mode can finally enjoy it .Apex Legends being one of best Battle Royal games out there crossed 70 millions and developers are working on game to attract more players worldwide.Developers experimented with Solos in August and it was success and Duos-mode is here too,they are trying variants of mode to branch out the game.

Apex Legends got a new map, World’s Edge, as part of the new game’s third season, “Meltdown,” which runs until February 2020.The map has mysterious loot vaults and to unlock one of these vaults players first have to find a key card.The vaults have loot of different varieties, including Legendary rarity items.

The EA also unveiled the news of Apex Legends Mobile to enter mobile gaming arena soon.Check more details here.

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