Call of Duty : Mobile Added New Rocket Only Mode

Activision’s Call of duty Mobile proves to be the best game on iOS and Android devices with millions of downloads.Call of Duty brought the best high graphic shooting game experience to mobile and sits on top defeating PUBG Mobile and other mobile games.

Call of Duty never fails to impress players,a new mode is introduced in COD: Mobile -Rocket-only mode.The Rocket-only mode is an addition to previous two mode of COD Mobile i.e Standoff mode with a Halloween theme and Gun Game mode. As the name implies, in this mode, the players will only be equipped with SMRS weapons. No need to worry if you have not opened the weapon, because you can still use the weapon when playing this mode. The first team to reach 30 points first wins the match.

Its a Multiplayer match where 2 teams of 5 players will battle against each other having SMRS Weapon with infinite ammo. Like other modes, Rocket-only mode is for limited time. You can play this mode until November 7th.

Apart from that number of challenges were also given in order to add to the excitement to gameplay. Players can complete several available missions to unlock items and earn points.

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