Call of Duty: Mobile announced Season 3 Update

Call of Duty: Mobile season 3 Update about to roll out soon!

Acitvision lately announced the new update for best mobile title COD:Mobile with new features and contents.Season 3 update is scheduled to kick off soon anytime in mid-January with new Battle Pass,map,challenges and rewards etc.

Previous updates for Call of Duty:mobile turns out to be great attracting many players to mobile title. Season 3 updates is finally confirmed now with new map “Scrapyard’ and ‘Rapid Fire” mode with additional challenges and contents.


Scrapyard is one of most beloved map of COD :Modern Warfare 2. ‘Scrapyard’ in COD:Mobile will be a revamped version of three lane MW2 map that provide lots of mid-range battle space and actions.Its a medium-sized map and first multiplayer map in Season 3.

The new Season 3 “Rapid Fire” mode will be a new multiplayer mode in game.This provide players unlimited access to weapons, ammo,grenades and sped up operator skill cooldowns. However,Rapid fire mode will only be available for a limited time period. Developers also confirmed to remove the other limited tie period modes soon.

Season 3 probably may roll out somewhere around January 15,2020.

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