Corruption 2029: New Upcoming Game for PC

From the developers of Mutant Year Zero, ‘Corruption 2029’ is an upcoming turn-based strategy tilt game for PC. The developer recently unveiled the game with a quick turnaround release date within two weeks. Check the trailer Below:

Corruption 2029 takes place in a near future where America has been overrun by inhuman creatures. Eliminate them all with your team of soldiers geared with most advanced technology and tactical strategy. The game is very much similar to Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden focusing on stealth to scope out the maps and environment before fight.

Each characters has their own skill set, weapons and combat styles. Gamers who have played Mutant Year would be familiar with the game trailer and gamma play. This mech game has a decent gameplay dynamics.Preserve your health and focus on main target avoiding encounters to win the game.

Corruption 2029 is set to launch on 17th February as Epic Games Store exclusive.We may get to see the steam release of game later.

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