Do You Know Secret Basement Locations on Erangel 2.0? PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile received a major update 1.0 recently. Erangel 2.0 the most anticipated PUBG Mobile map is live now and players are exploring every bit of it. The new revamp version brings us several enhanced updates and additional features including ‘Secret basements’ spread across Erangel. These basements consist of loot supplies and are located at various places. Those who didn’t know about these basements, we’ve listed down the list of secret basements on Erangel map.

Secret Basement Locations-Erangel

Secret Basements on erangel has good loot and also can be used as a spot to hide from your enemies. Find out Secret Basement Locations On Erangel below:

Kameshki –This secret basement is located in a one-story house next to the highest house in kameshki. You can find a basement on the floor under a wooden door. The basement is inside a small room, also have another door from outside.

West of Quarry – This secret basement is located in a small village to the West of Quarry. The basement is outside of the small one-story blue house. A basement also has another door inside a house that can be used as an escape route during rush. 

West of Ruins – The structure of secret basement in ruins is similar to that of in West of Quarry. There are two houses in the West of Ruins, near the Georgo Hill. This basement also has two doors inside and outside.

West of the Stalber Hill – This secret basement is located in a small residential quarter to the west of the Stalber hill. The basement’s outside door is at the corner of the blue house and the other is in inside.

North East of Ferry Pie – Located in North East of Ferry Pie near the Sosnovka Bridge. You can find it at the biggest house in this area. It also has a similar pattern with two doors.

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