EA ‘Apex Legends’ Will Arrive on Switch and Steam

Electronic Art’s Respawn style game  first person shooting game ‘Apex Legends’  is one of successful titles in Gaming industry. This Battle-royale game has everything to offer one needs to enjoy. Apex legends received various updates since the game being released in last year.

Apex on Steam and Switch this Fall….

EA made a major announcement recently- Apex Legends will finally hit on Nintendo Switch and Steam this fall. It’s very big news for Switch players as they can finally enjoy this Battle-Royale shooter officially. The game was available on PC via Origin, Xbox One and PS4 until now since the release. The arrival of Apex Legends in Switch will definitely increase the player base and fans of this amazing title.

The developers also revealed the Crossplay support for Apex Legends this fall. We can’t ask for more than this Crossplay support is much needed, EA is finally taking one of their best shooting title on Next level.

As per news, there’re several other games on Steam available right now to play. Apex Legends ain’t the only EA game arriving on steam. Officials revealed there are five games including Titanfall 2, The Sims 4, Dead Space 3, A Way Out and Need for Speed: Most Wanted available to play “right this second.”

EA has brought their many popular titles on Steam and planning to expand it, eventually. The studio will also start their own EA Access subscription service to Steam later soon this year.

Apex legends received some major in-game updates within this time span. Crossplay supports will definitely attract more players to the game. Apex Legends is organised for its team of three working together unlike other battle royale. But, it does not limit the fun of the game. Game offers amazing characters with powerful abilities that will keep you engaged in game for a long time.

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