Epic Games New Mobile Game title REVEALED

Epic Games, developers of ‘Fortnite’ unveiled a new mobile game title recently. According to recent reports, Epic Games have a new mobile game title in collaboration with Bad Robot Games (J.J Abrams company).

Epic Games new upcoming game is titled as ‘Spyjinx,’ it’s an action adventure games with secret-agent theme where you have to create your own hideout, participate in battles and level up your character. Game also have an online multiplayer option to battle with other players out there.

Spyjinx has a decent and lovely graphics where you play as an isometric perspective. However, company has not share much details about the game other than few screenshots and description, we have to wait until the next news. Read the announcement blog here.

“Set in a secret world of espionage, thrilling heists, and high-tech gadgets, Spyjinx is a unique mix of action-strategy gameplay, RPG character development, and head-to-head multiplayer. Your goal? Become the ultimate spy Mastermind!,”reads the blog post.

Developers announced the game will launch for beta tests in Malaysia on iOS, with Australia to follow soon after.

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