Facebook to Launch Dark Mode for Mobile devices

Facebook is the fastest and popular social networking service all over the globe. Like every other social media apps, facebook’s also planning to launch a dark mode for Android and iOS devices. We already have a dark mode for desktop interface and Facebook confirm about it for mobile apps soon.

FB Desktop Dark Mode

As per reports, Users have already seeing the dark mode in their iOS devices. Facebook has enabled dark mode for very few specific percent of people globally. However, we may receive the Mobile version of Dark mode for sure, but when it’s still a question. Guess we have to wait for sometime.

Facebook already launched the dark mode for desktop last month to avoid the high glare and tension to eyes.

Users also shared the snapshots experiencing the Dark mode interface on mobile. Check below

There’s must be any reason for delaying the dark mode on Facebook apps while their Whatsapp and Instagram already have it. Facebook Messesnger also have a dark mode option available in-app. Twitter released dark mode interface for Android and iOS for sometime.

Dark mode have several benefits, its really good for eyes, as looking at bright blue scree all day can be stressful for our eyes. Its aesthetically pleasing and also save our phones battery life more than usual.

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