Free Fire: 5 Must Visit locations in Bermuda Remastered Map

Free Fire released ‘Bermuda Remastered’, the revamped version of the Bermuda map, the first map of Garena Free Fire. Bermuda Remastered is live now on global servers since 1st January. Fans have been anticipating it alot since announcement.

Bermuda 2.0 consist of four new locations added in map such as Nurek Dam, Aden’s Creek and more. The new Bermuda Remastered map will only be available temporarily, according to Free Fire. We’ve picked the five locations on Bermuda remastered to visit in Free Fire. Let’s have a look at them.


Peak is the hottest spot in Bermuda map for players. It is the core sector that offers a good amount of loot and valuable items. The peak is high enough to give a clear view of an island to players. Good loot and high spot is the primary reason that attract players here.

Nurek Dam

Nurek Dam replaced the Plantation and Riverside from the previous version. It is located to the North of the island. It is a source of energy for the whole island and one of thee best place to camp.

Aden’s Creek

Aden’s Creek is a food supplier villages. It supplies enough food for an entire island. This is the must visit place in Bermuda Remastered Version. Do not miss this spot in Free Fire Bermuda 2.0.


Academy is recognized as as a technology center for best scientists and engineers of the island. This place features a huge DNA sculpture at the entrance of the building.

Samurai’s Garden

Samurai’s Garden is a mystical place with hidden secrets. One of the newly added locations in Free Fire – This place is hottest spot in the map. Samurai’s Garden is an isolated island connected to the main island with a small bridge. The garden is the abandoned estate of the Hayato family. The beautiful spot is surrounded by cherry blossom trees and a Zen garden.

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