Download and Play GTA roleplay FREEEE…

GTA Roleplay is a multiplayer mod for the PC version of crime drama Grand Theft Auto V.Players are allowed to involve in the user created server roleplay,taking form of any person and playing their respective roles.So if you haven’t played it till now below are the steps how to download and play it for free.

The very first thing to keep in mind before playing GTA V Roleplay is that it does not work if you’ve a pirated version.You need a original GTA V version which is not cracked.So what to do ? if you don’t have it, which is why I am here to help you.

All you need is a friends steam account who’ve already purchased and downloaded GTA V.

  • Login to your friends steam account having GTA V -> Download it on your PC.
  • Logout his steam account & Login yours.

Now we have a original version of GTA V in our PC. Another thing we need to access a roleplay server is mod.The most popular mod for GTA V roleplay is FiveM.

Steps to install and run a mod :

  1. Download FiveM from here.
  2. Once downloaded,disable your antivirus softwares in PC.
  3. Make sure your steam is ON.
  4. Run the FiveM.exe file from downloads folder.
  5. After the installation run FiveM from your start menu.
  6. FiveM window appears goto -> Servers (list of server appears) -> select roleplay from tag menu (displayed on left hand side of the screen).
  7. Select the server you want to play in and connect to it (legacy is the trending server for Indian roleplay players : recommended).
  8. Once connected to server -> Press Enter to login Customize the character & you’re ready to go.
  9. Before playing do check the rules and strictly follow it to enjoy the game or you may get banned.
  10. If you’re playing in a Legacy server here are the rules to be followed.

Do let me know in comment section below if you have any doubts.Also check basics of GTA V RP.