How To Get a Pet in Among Us?

Among Us has become the most popular game with large viewership and an enormous player base. Despite the game being released in 2018, the popularity recently spiked up out of nowhere dominating other titles. Popular Twitch streamers and YouTubers pick this game playing online which drastically improved the existence of the game. The fundamentals and concept of the game are amazing which keeps attracting players every day.

The main objective of Among Us is to find an impostor among your crewmates before they kill everyone on a ship. This multiplayer game can be played with friends, where 4-10 players take the roles of spaceship crew members. The crewmates are responsible to complete all the tasks, and, also try to find the killer among the crew. 

The game has a better atmosphere and better customization options such as the player’s name, character colour and even add-ons like hats, clothes and floating pets. If you’ve already played this game and wonder how to get a pet for you in Among Us? You’re at the right place.

How To Get a Pet in Among Us?

Pet in Among Us makes our game more interesting who keeps wavering around us in-game. By looking at it few pets are super cute while some could be a turn-off. There are a total of ten pets in the game namely: Squiq, Bedcrab, Brainslug, UFO, Dog, Hamster, Mini Crewmate, Robot, Henry and Ellie.

If you want to get any one of them, follow the steps below:

1) Run the game. Join Public or Private lobby (private lobby is much better as it gives you more time to complete the whole process)

2) Visit the Computer in-game and Tap ‘Customize’ option at the bottom right corner.

3) Select the pet section. You will see no pet on your list. 

4) To get a pet click on the dollar sign ($) beside your character. once done you can see all the pets available for purchase in-game.

5) Select your choice of pet. Each pet cost $2.99 (₹250) and can be purchased using your preferred mode of payment.

6) When Done follow the step 1,2 and 3 to get a pet along with you on a spaceship. 

You can play Among Us free on Android and iOS devices. While Players have to pay $5 to play Among Us on PC via Steam or

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