How To Get New NightMare Helmet? -PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile most anticipated 0.19.0 update is finally live now. It brings a whole new set of features and additional changes. New 0.19.0 update consist of most awaited PUBG mobile exclusive map Livik. Recent update is themed as “Spark the Flame”, along with new unranked classic game modes, features and weapons. The game update requires around 1.84GB of free space on your android devices to download.

PUBG mobile added special rewards for players to make them grab the update as soon as possible. Players who install the new 0.19.0 update before 13th July will receive rewards and gifts from PUBGM. These gifts may include 2888 BP, 1000 AG, and a Nightmare Helmet that is only limited for 3 days. Yeah, every player can avail this super cool Nightmare helmet in-game.

Nightmare helmet

PUBG mobile offers a wide compilation of skins for every item in the game. Fancy rare skins are a major reason that many players crave for it. PUBGM offers a splendid range of exclusive items and skins. Helmet is the most important aspects in the game that protect our head in PUBG Mobile. Let’s have a look at how one can get Nightmare Helmet skin .

How to get Nightmare helmet?

Players who want to avail the Nightmare Helmet –it’s the easiest task. There is no need of any rocket science to get this cool helmet for free. Everyone can easily grab it without any challenges, missions or event. The first thing you need to do is rush to play store and update the game as soon you can –before the 13th July. Once you have done updating, you’re eligible for Nightmare helmet skin. Wait for the new Season to hit and you will receive it soon after logging in.

New PUBG mobile update brings us some exclusive new items, rewards and events to celebrate. With every new PUBG mobile season, we can grab new skins and items as usual. Ensure your device have enough free space as new update requires about 1.84 GB of free space on your device. Players who haven’t yet received the update or don’t seem ‘update’ button in Play store – Wait for some time you will receive it soon.

New PUBG mobile Season 14 kicks off on 14th July 2020. Gamers can finally enter the new battleground of PUBGM along with brand new features, new modes, rewards, gifts and items. Players hitting the Diamond tier will get a new Chrome plated M24 skin. Are you excited for Season 14?

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