How To Play GTA 5 on Android/IOS (EASY) 100% Working

Rockstar game’s GTA 5 is one the most successful games of Franchise.Grand Theft Auto 5 is an open world crime game that consist of missions and follows a story line of three criminals and their efforts to commit heists.

If you are a Big GTA 5 fan and want to play this game on your android devices- yes you can though it has few conditions. GTA 5 is a large game with high graphics and its mobile version is not possible very soon but, you can enjoy the game on your mobile and tablet devices for free.

Gta 5 android apk

To play gta v on your android phones, you will need a pc and steam installed on it. It doesn’t matter if you have bought the game or not. The main important thing that you will need is a very good and fast internet to play the game smoothly. It is very easy all you have to do is download the necessary files from below.

Download Steam Link on Android

Download Steam Link on IOS

Download Steam on PC

Download GTA 5 (if you haven’t purchased it)

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