Iron-Man Suit in PUBG Mobile 1.9 Update

Exo suit is heavily inspired by Marvel’s Iron Man suit from Avengers.

PUBG Mobile 1.9 update promises some exciting new content. One of the most popular and talked feature og PUBG Mobile is an iron man suit called as ‘Exo Suit.’ In this article we’ll discuss about everything related to an Exo Suit.

PUBG Mobile Exo Suit

Exo Suit is a new high tech product that will featue in an upcoming pubg mobile Extreme Hunt mode. This suit holds two jet engine arms and two firearms for shooting and flying. It works like a jet pack in SanAndreas but allows player to fly at low altitude. Exo suit has a height limit and can only fly at short distance.

What is Extreme Hunt mode?  Extreme Hunt mode is a new in-game Arena mode for PUBG Mobile like Payload that released last year with bundle of exciting features. Likewise, Extreme Hunt mode will also brings some features to look forward to along with Respawn card to let players respawn their dead teammates. The Exo Suit in Extreme Hunt mode is like a helicoper in Payload but with limitations.

How to get this Exo Suit in PUBG Mobile? Exo Suit resembles an armor vet of an ancient Chinese warrior with three parts. To get this suit you have to collect money and three blueprints for three parts of this special suit. Once you’re done collecting, reach to nearby spaceship and redeem these blueprints to get Exo suit.

This suit also adds some extra power to your character like you can punch to break the glass supply crate to loot more supplies and weapon attachments.

You won’t die after jumping through a vehicle wearing this suot. Now, you can easily surprise and kill your enemies. Firing a headshot maybe easier with the help of Exo Suit from a higher location.

However,using an Exo Suit in PUBG MKobile have its cons. You cannot move zig ziag motion to avoid bullets. moreover, enemies can easily kill you with a jet engine expplosion. you have to be careful while using thsi suit in-game.

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