Iron Saga: A new Mech Battle Game Available on Android and iOS Devices – FREE

Iron saga is a mobile RPG game developed by GameDuchy, where players collect Mech units and pilots for battle.Its a mech-warrior battle game which earlier released in Korea, Japan and China and is now finally out now globally for android and iOS devices.

The game revolves around machines and its mechanics also has 500 pilots and mechs to play.Iron saga in game music approach is good.Iron saga provides a smooth game play with great graphics and lots of characters in game .Games also includes lots of mechs that can be collected and used in combat.Check the trailer below:

The Iron saga is hands off hero collectors game though you can use your fingers to drag mechs to collect points and power-ups.So,if you are not good with hands off game its going to disappoint you.the mechs loading screen and characters are impressive in games as well attractive.Developers are providing free rewards and pilots as a gift for everyday login.

Various types of gameplays are available in games with a combat siulation mode that provides you hands on combat controlling your mechas .So far Iraon saga is quite an enjoyable game on phone if you are mech lover.

The title is out on Play store and app store :

Download from Play Store :

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