Minecraft Nether is most likely to be launch in first half of 2020

Microsoft announced its major Minecraft update 1.16 at Minecon live on 28 September 2019.The 1.16 update will be a Nether update which displays the underworld of Minecraft. Nether update includes new features like Netherwart forest (Red & Blue), soulsand valley,we get to see blue flames and fossils around.Mechanics have been changed.

Netherwart forest with red and blue variants consisting of new types of mushroom,different grasses on ground,new blocks,tress and some foreign things added to forest.New Hostile mobs such as Piglins, Piglin beasts called Hoglin are there will be spawned naturally in netherwart forest. Forest consist of zombiefied piglins that hunt creatures and piglin beasts,they will not harm us if we’re wearing a gold armor but they can attack us if we try to open chest around.We are able to trade with piglins but not with villagers.

Piglin beasts (Hoglin)

Brand new block-Target block is added (emits red stone signal) which can be shot by an arrow.Signal strength is determined by the distance from where we shoot,larger distance, precise aim emits strong signal and vice-versa.

Target Block

I will keep you posted about the new update as soon as it gets available.For more Minecraft update click here.