Overwatch 2 Could Be A Sequel to Overwatch

Overwatch 2 confirmed at Blizzcon 2019, Blizzard said that Overwatch 2 is still early in development and isn’t sure when it will release “I don’t know. I have no idea,” game director Jeff Kaplan said at the reveal panel. “Like, just let us make it great, that’s what we care about more than anything. We don’t have a date in mind.”

Overwatch is first person shooter multiplayer game Overwatch 2 primarily focuses on PvE missions.We may get to see new items,characters,great storyline,new modes, co-op gameplay with good combat tactics. Overwatch 2 will feature 6-vs-6 multiplayer matches, primarily as part of a new core game mode called Push. Overwatch Cinematic “Zero hour” looks incredible in action hope the game will be the same in action. The sequel was revealed alongside new gameplay footage, which showcased the improved visuals and incredible game action.

The original game’s 31 heroes will appear in the sequel, as well as multiple new additions. Players will be able to level up Heroes by completing Hero missions.One of the new maps will be set in Rio de Janeiro and Canadian map Toronto. The Overwatch 2 gameplay trailer looks incredible with new here Sojourn and covers the Game context.

However the exact game realese date is not confirmed yet as the game is still in development.I’ll keep you updated about the game.

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