PMPL South Asia League Postponed AGAIN

PMPL South Asia League was postponed again by officials because of Corona Virus.

PMPL Week Day 3 and Day 4 match that was about to happen on last Sat-Sun got postponed to March 23 due to ‘Janta Crufew.’ The country is in a complete lockdown state now because of order issued by an Indian PM.

The PMPL South Asia Tournament got postponed again and will happen sometime later. But there’s now news about the exact date and time -it’s still unannounced.

However, to keep the quarantine audiences entertained, officials announces the PMPL Scrims where the same teams will battle against each other for a prize money of Rs 75,000 each day. PMPL South Asia Scrims are as intensive as original PMPL South Asia. The first day of scrims has ended with Team GODLIKE dominating the scoreboard.

Team Godlike took away the prize amount of Rs 52,000 with 96 points followed by SynerGE who whopped Rs 22,000 with 96 points on scoreboard as well.

Our favorite Team Fnatic and Soul ended on #5 and #9 respectively. The second day of Scrims will take place Today on 26th March.

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