Pokémon GO to Support Indoor Gaming – Niantic

Pokemon GO is the best augmented reality game for Android and iOS devices. Pokémon Go uses the GPS location to find,capture pokemons and battle with others.

Developers of Pokemon GO Niantic is adapting their titles to support Indoor gaming because of Corona Virus. Many countries are in a lockdown state because of corona virus. Until now, Niantic’s titles encouraged AR gaming where people step outside their houses and connect with others around in real life by gaming.

However, Niantic announced about their adaption for AR titles to to allow people to play inside their own house and connect peoples and friends globally as well. I don’t think that these changes are only made to meet peoples need during a crisis, developers must have thought beyond it.

Pokemon GO is the top grossing titles of Nintendo. The latest updates aren’t the first changes made to game due to Covid-19 outbreak, developers introduced a new gameplay mode GO Battle League, which can be played from home.

“We created Niantic with a mission to help people get outside, exercise, and explore the world, with the ultimate goal of helping people connect with others. Today we support a global community of hundreds of millions of people who look to our games for regular entertainment and an opportunity to get outside and connect with friends,” said Niantic founder and CEO John Hanke, on the company blog.

“We have always believed that our games can include elements of indoor play that complement the outdoor, exercise and explore DNA of what we build. Now is the time for us to prioritize this work, with the key challenge of making playing indoors as exciting and innovative as our outdoor gameplay,” he added.

Niantic said they’ll roll out the updates in the “coming days and weeks,” without committing to an exact time frame. This will be really helpul for gamers and Pokemon fans.

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