Project I.G.I Is Back With New Prequel- I.G.I Origins

Our childhood favourite is back !!!

Project I.G.I. was a tactical first-person shooter video game developed by Innerloop Studios.Lately the Prequel teaser for Project I.G.I was announced name “I.G.I Origins” published and developed by Toadman Interactive and Antimatter Games respectively.The game is a new installment in I.G.I series and will be available on PC, PlayStation4 and Xbox.The release is set on year 2021, we dont have any official confirmation about release date. CHECK THE TEASER BELOW :

Its been 20 years since Project I.G.I one of the best shooting game back then,the new installment may attract the old I.G.I fans back in to its war world.

The game may bring back the old shooting déjà vu. The game is under development right now and may also hit the Next-gen Consoles it only a matter of time.

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