PUBG 2 Leaks, Krafton is Working on PUBG Sequel

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds has created a benchmark in the gaming Industry. The most popular battle royale title PUBG has an enormous player base with millions of daily active players. It is the first-ever game to bring 100 players together in survival battleground, and in no time PUBG marked its significance on every platform including PC, Console and mobile.

PUBG mobile is remarkably successful. But, PUBG PC saw a decrease in a player base last year. To make up for this, developers are already working on new title similar to PUBG or PUBG 2 maybe.


Last year, a Korean News website unveiled a new project by Krafton said, the company is working on new battle-royale game along with PUBG team.

This is an indication of some another incredible title is in development by Krafton, possibly PUBG 2.

The company has termed the project as ‘Project XTRM’ also considered as PUBG 2. Upcoming PUBG 2 will most likely feature cross-platform support. meaning, all the players from PC, Mobile and Console can come together, battle and enjoy the game. It is going to be huge, the cross-platform support.

Another major confirmation was done by infamous PUBG Dataminer named ‘PlayerIGN’ said: “PUBG just confirmed that they’re working on PUBG 2.0 and PUBG Mobile 2.0.”

He posted a tweet revealing XTRM is a mobile game PUBG Mobile 2.0 “The secret #ProjectXTRM thing from last yr was a PUBGM2 all along,” said dataminer.

Project XTRM is spearheaded by Park Min-Gyu, previous in charge of PUBG Lite, low-end PUBG PC version.

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