Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is the most popular battle royale game currently in the gaming world. It has captured  tremendous audience and after its huge success on PC, it was released on Android and iOS which was very well received.

But as we all know this game is pretty heavy on all smartphone. It Sometimes become lagy even in the high end phones. Lot of mid range phones get heats up pretty soon because of the game. Game requires a lot of processing power which interns result to heating and eventually lag in the game.

XDA has released a new application to solve this problem. This helps Players to play the game LAG FREE  giving the best experience of playing PUBG MOBILE .

This app reduces the Graphics to minimal creating a best environment for the user with mid range and low range phone to enjoy the game with easy. 

This application is Exclusive to XDA members for free and those who are not the members can download it from play store for around  $0.99. But the best way is to go to XDA link and make your self a account and download it for FREE.

Download From XDA 

Download From Playstore




(Source :- XDA)