PUBG Mobile 5 Rare Titles

PUBG Mobile being one of the top battle royale games on Android and iOS has a bunch of amazing titles that make you look better than compare to other players. Players not only attract lot attentions having these titles but also considered as one of strongest gamer in-game. However, it’s not a simple task to achieve those titles overnight. Players hone their skills and train hard to get them.

You all must be familiar with all the titles in PUBG Mobile from well-liked to perfectionist. Yesterday we saw some of the easiest titles in PUBG Mobile. Today, let’s have a look at rarest title in PUBG Mobile.

5 Rare Titles in PUBG Mobile

1 Unique Destiny

Unique Destiny is among the rarest title in PUBG Mobile. To get this you need to have 6000 achievements points in-game. You have to work and get all the achievements in every server as it’s the title that only few players have accomplished until now. You also receive rewards and goodies after completion of this achievement.

2 Season Conqueror Title

Conqueror title is not the easiest one to get. It’s the top tier in  PUBG Mobile. Players have to be so good at everything to achieve Season Conqueror title. It’s rare, and only the top 500 players can gain this.

3 Mythic Fashion

Mythic fashion is cannot be easily earned as you have to spend lot of money to get this title. Mythic fashion requires all kinds of 50 mythic outfits to unlock this achievement. It’s not rare, though it may cost a lot of money. Do you have this title?

4  Perfectionist

Perfectionist is another title that requires you to spend some money. You don’t have to hone your skills to be a perfectionist, all you need is money lol. You have to buy Royal pass 6 times in a row to unlock this title. Perfectionist requires a lot of time to unlock.

5 On a mission

On a mission can be unlocked by completion of all the weapon masteries in PUBG mobile. You have to master every kind of weapon in PUBG mobile from pistols to sniper till Level 5.

Do You have any of these titles?

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