PUBG Mobile Battle of Best: Groza vs M249

We’re back with another two rare weapons comparison articles- Groza vs M249

PUBG Mobile is the most popular game worldwide for Android and iOS devices. PUBG has become a phenomenon from mobile to Esports tournament. PUBG Mobile expanded the gaming Industry in India. The Gameplay, Graphics and Weapons in PUBG Mobile are the primary reason, game has so many players. 

From snipers, Shotguns, Assault rifles to Pistol these unique sets of guns has attracted over millions of players in game. Weapons in PUBG Mobile has a significant influence on players, from shotgun, snipers to Assault rifles. Every players has their own favorite set of weapons. PUBG is all about weapons, and how better you use them.

Air drop offers variety of lethal weapons in-game like AWM, Groza, DBS, Mk14 and M249. Today we’ll be comparing the two most popular air drop weapons in PUBG mobile.

Groza vs M249


M249 is a Light machine gun that’s only available in air drops. Undoubtedly M249 is the most powerful weapon and beast, which can kill anything, from vehicles to armored enemies. M249 is a beast that excels at clearing a room. Fires 100 rounds of 5.56mm ammo per magazine. It has a lower recoil but very high firing rate makes it hard to control.

This weapon is incredibly strong in comparison to all the weapons in PUBG Mobile.This weapon can equip scope from the red dot to x6 in PUBG Mobile. The gun comes with a bipod that enables us to prone and fire without worrying about the recoil of this weapon.

The only thing that hold this weapon back is the long reload time, i.e. 7 seconds. M249 needs 7 seconds to reload 100 bullets back into the magazine. This may prove dangerous and sometimes might kill you, if you get stuck reloading during the combat. You would need a cover to reload M249 and once you’re stuck reloading in between combats you will be done for.


Groza is the king of assault rifles in PUBG Mobile. It’s a rare air-drop gun that loads 7.62 mm bullets with a one of highest firing rate beside M416. Groza deals a damage of 47 with bullets speed to that of 715 m/s. Groza is a deadliest weapon slaying in close combat.

This rare air drop weapon only comes with a scope and magazine slot, and a unique muzzle slot that can only equip a suppressor. The con of Groza has a flaws too the highest recoil which is difficult to control and its reload time of 3 seconds.


While M249 excels in clearing a room it has a major disadvantage of higher reload time. Whereas, Groza being the most lethal AR can prove most useful during close combats and in-rush situation. The higher recoil of Groza isn’t a thing to worry about in close combat.

Honsetly, Groza have an upper hand here in comparison to M249. Groza takes the crown here.

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