PUBG Mobile: Best 5 Hotdrops in Sanhok

PUBG Mobile is one of the popular Battle Royale game. Weapons and Maps are the other major reasons why this game is loved by millions of players. PUBG mobile has become a phenomenon. Daily millions of players play this game whether they rank push, maintain their KD or improve their skills. Players who wants more kills usually look for hotdrops on Maps. We have already discussed the famous hot drops on Erangel.

When it comes to Sanhok, it is the fast-paced and smallest map in PUBG Mobile. Sanhok mainly known for its rain forest location has various hotdrops that can get us a large number of kills. Let’s have a look at best 5 hotdrops on Sanhok.

5 Best Hotdrops in Sanhok


Who doesn’t know about BootCamp in Sanhok. it’s the most popular hotdrop in Sanhok with highest rate of loots. You can find every Assault Rifles, Flare Gun and even m24 here. Bootcamp is the fav drop base of large number of squads. Gun fight is inevitable. Be ready to defeat your enemy and survive the battle. Bootcamp can get you the more kills than anyother hot drops in Sanhok.


Ruins in Sanhok is another loot arena with highest possibility of weapons and items to find. It has three floors and a basement which can be used for advantage during close combat. Atleast 3 squads lands here in Sanhok. Gunfight is unavoidable here be quick to get your hands on any gun and knock you opponents.

Paradise resort

Paradise resort is a beautiful resort located at northeast of the map. This is another major hotdrop in Sanhok. Resort has the medium possibility of loots. It is a popular base for many squads. Atleast 2 teams drop here every time in Sanhok. Resort has the cross-courtyard for perfect mid-range combats.


Docks is the landmark in Sanhok located near the sea. The cargo ships are filled with lots of loots and rare weapons and level 3 loot. Atleast 3 squads land here because of good supplies.

Pai Nan

Pai Nan is located at southwest side os Sanhoke. this is a small town divided by a river. Popularly known for its town design and loot supplies. You can expect 3 squads here too. This town is a great place for mid range combat. SMGs may prove handful. Good luck.

What’s your favorite spot to land in Sanhok?

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