PUBG Mobile Celebrating 2nd Anniversary Season 12 Update Live Now

PUBG Mobile 2nd Anniversary is finally here with new Season 12 0.17.0 update on Android and iOS devices. The new update includes new death replay mode, new weapons and Battle pass.

PUBG Mobile update0.17.0 was on beta test server last month and is finally out on PUBG Mobile server now. The update covers 1.69GB of space on Android and 1.95GB of space on iOS devices. Pubg Mobile titled the Season 12 as ‘2gether’ where players play together celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of PUBG Mobile.

The server downtime for a new update didn’t last so long followed by new update download and install options.

Update 0.17.0 includes new weapons DBS and UZI Pro – DBS (double-barrelled shotgun) is an airdrop gun with higher damage useful in close combats. UZI Pro as the name suggest is an upgraded version of present Micro UZI.

Another new update includes a new Death replay button that will replay your death moment in the game. Players can now easily find how they died and avoid repeating same mistakes.

New Season 12 Battle Pass has new cosmetics, skins, and lots of rewards to earn. PUBG Mobile players can finally enjoy the 0.17.0 update with new features and weapons.

Let us know in the comment section whether you like the new update or no?

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