PUBG Mobile: How to Improve your K/D Season 14

Pubg mobile is the best high graphic battle royale game on Android and iOS devices. The fanbase and millions of active players keep increasing day-by-day. A constant pubg mobile update has maintained the impact of game as it is.

Daily, every player battle among the 100 players on the respective map to get chicken dinner. Getting a chicken dinner isn’t the only source of satisfaction here, maintaining the K/D ratio is also the primary goal of many. In this article we will have a look at some amazing tips to maintain a good Pubg Mobile K/D ratio.

Jump at Hot-Drop locations

If you want to get more kill than heading towards hot drop won’t disappoint you. Jumping at Hot-drop location not only increases the probability of getting more kills but also challenges you to your limits. The survival at hot drop location will definitely define your game.

All the classic maps in PUBG Mobile have various hot drop location that offers plenty of loot for squads.

Some hot drop locations

  • Erangel- Pochinki, Military Base, School
  • Miramar- Los Leones, Pecado, and Hacienda Del Patron
  • Sanhok-Bootcamp and Paradise Resort
  • Vikendi-Villa, Dobro Mesto, and Volnova
  • Livik-Midstein, Power Plant, and Gronhus

Challenge Players on All-Chat

Need more kills? Invite playersnto battle. When you play pubg mobile next time, open the world voice chat on plane to challenge the players at decided locations. Let them head towards it and kill them to get more kills. Ofcourse you have to be good enough to beat them. Be confident and patient.

Co-ordinate with teammates

A proper team work it the key to win all the battles in Pubg mobile. Even if you aren’t a pro player, but have a better co-ordination gameplay. The combat is all yours. Teamworks increases the chances of winning an d survival that indirectly gets you more kills. Play as individual but kill as one.

Bot fire trick

This is the stupidest tip, but probably can fool your enemies. Bot fire attracts enemies, and they mostly let their guard down. Make sure to take the advantage of it as soon you get the chance. When you’re the only one alive in your squad and find enemies nearby, give it a try but don’t let your guard down.

What’s your k/d ratio?

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