PUBG Mobile Indian Version vs Global Version: 5 Differences To Note

Indian players got a piece of good news finally on the occasion of Diwali. The official confirmation of the return of PUBG Mobile in India has hyped up the fans since the announcement. Two months since the ban of PUBG Mobile in India has affected the esports ecosystem as well as mobile gaming Industry in the country. It has a major impact on the Indian mobile gaming community.

PUBG Mobile along with 118 Chinese apps was crushed in between the conflicts of India and China as they pose a threat to the national security and privacy of the citizens of India – “they are engaged in activities which is prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of state and public order”, said the Indian government.

PUBG Corporation officially revealed relaunch of the game in India with special Indian-specific version. PUBG Mobile Indian version will feature exclusive new changes as compared to the global version of game. In this article, we’ll have look at 5 differences between the PUBG Mobile Indian version and the PUBG Mobile global version.

1) New Training Ground

PUBG Mobile Indian version will feature different functionality. We will have a ‘Virtual Simulation Training Ground’ instead of a battleground

2) New privacy policy

PUBG Mobile Indian version promises new privacy policy that meets all the requirements of users privacy and data by the Indian government. The new version of the game focuses on players safety.

3) Green Hit Effects

Green Hit Effects instead of blood effects in the new version. The Virtual Simulation Training Ground will have different coloured hit markers and no blood effect when you hit a player.

4) New Characters

 PUBG mobile Indian version will have clothed character instead of a naked one in the Global version. A fully clothed character will be good for young PUBG mobile players.

5) Play Time Restrictions 

Play Time Restrictions in PUBG mobile ensures a safe gameplay environment. Players who are under 18 will have a restricted playtime in a day so that they can focus on other tasks too.

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