PUBG Mobile LEAKS: Season 14 Rewards

PUBG Mobile received a recent update in early May, bringing some amazing additional features to Miramar map. Season 13 introduced has some new events, skins and rewards. While players are enjoying the new Season, Tencent’s ready with a brand new upcoming Season 14.

Lets have a look at what’s coming in Season 14. By looking at the release date of Season 13, the upcoming new Season 14 may hit live on PUBG Mobile servers on 14th of July 2020, according to reports. However, there’s no official announcement has been made yet, but it has the highest probability of receiving the Season 14 update.


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Season 14 LEAKS:

The Season 14 leak recently surfaced on Internet revealing various upcoming new rewards and skins in PUBG Mobile. According to leaks, the upcoming Season 14 is titled as “Spark the Flame.” Reveloving around a new theme Season 14 include many more updates and rewards that will reveal soon.

Gold and Platinum Tier Rewards:

The new Season 14 reward costumes take us to medieval era with classic armor in leather clothing. Players will receive the reward once they reach the Platinum Tier.

Diamond Tier Rewards:

The Diamond Tier Reward consist of M24 sniper rifle skin that matches the previous costume. Players who don’t have any M24 skin, this might be the chance.

Ace Tier Rewards:

As usual the Ace Tier Rewards follows the same concept giving away new parachute skin specified for Season 14.

100 RP Costume Rewards:

Along with all the Tier Rewards, we also have the 100RP costume reward leak the Costume inspired by the popular franchise Warhammer 40k. will take you back in a classic era.

The top tier reward of Season 14 features some mecha-egyptian-pharaoh set blended nicely in modern and ancient combination. Stay Tuned, we’ll keep you updated on Leaks.

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