PUBG Mobile: Ledge grab Tips,Tricks & Location

After the PUBG Mobile update 0.15.0 players can grab on to ledges which allowed them to explore various hideouts,and spectate locations in PUBG Mobile.Below I’m about to explain such loacations and tricks to get there

1 ) Those who have read my last article of How to climb Water Tank.I have an addition to it, a small compact hideout nearby which maybe helpful.

All you have to do is sprint on roof towards the little compartment(reference in above pic) jump and keep tapping jump in mid-air too grab ledges and get over it.You maybe able to hide and kill some enemies around.

Hide safe…

2) Location – Mylta ( roof of glass house).

Get over the tin situated behind the glass house refer pic (1).Facing roof sprint and jump to get over pic (2) you’re done now & able kill enemies on terraces,balcony easily.

3) Location- School apartments

Once you reach on terrace of school apartment.stand front side of open door as shown in pic (2) above jump and climb on top .Best place to kill enemies and spectate around.

4) Location- Stalber

Walk to the corner of tank and keep jumping until you get on the tank refer pic (1) & (2).sprint and jump on roof of building with red blocks followed with help of small extension (seen in pic (3) in between.Face towards the front roof run and jump to grab (4) & (5) its ledge and you will get there with no difficulties, a nice and great place to hide.

5) Location – Nearby Farm (hide in funnel)

First we have to climb on roof of warehouse there,to get there jump on blocks and later on container as shown in pic (1) above.look alongside and get on the fence situated on blocks pic (2) facing warehouse roof jump grab ledge and get on it walk towards the funnel sprint and jump refer pic (3) & (4).once you’re inside you can hide and locate enemies around by.

That’s it for today i will let you about more tips and trick once explored.Follow our YouTube channel for videos and gameplay.

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