PUBG Mobile: MONSTER TRUCK New Vehicle

PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 update launched recently, introduce us to new Miramar vehicle ‘Golden Mirado.’ Fans were all hyped up about it and even engaged in gun fights to steal the vehicle on Map. As we all know, the leaks are the constant sources of PUBG Mobile update. It’s only been few days since 0.18.0 update is out but, gamers are still curious about upcoming features in PUBG Mobile.

We got our hands on new leaks that suggest additional Vehicle ‘Monster Truck’ and new map ‘Fourex’ in upcoming 0.19.0 update. This came as a surprise because no one has expected a new map and vehicle in next update. Tencent’s are trying their best to make PUBG Mobile the best Battle Royale mobo game out there.

PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 update will release on 17th July 2020, as per calculations based on previous release dates.

Monster Truck:

The upcoming new 0.19.0 update will feature a brand new vehicle ‘Monster Truck’ on brand new map ‘Fourex’. The fourex is said to be the smallest PUBG mobile map full of terrains and rocks around. As this new is all about terrain, we can expect all the all-terrain vehicle of PUBG Mobile here.

The Monster Truck will be new specialized vehicle for climbing hills and mountains. Large tyres decent speed (max 82 km/h), which is quite slow as compare to other vehicles. Another great feature is players can use it underwater, on snow-covered lands, and iced areas, etc. Monster Truck can help you climbing vehicles steadily without any interruptions.

Monster Truck has its own advantages and Disadvantages. Because of Large tyres that can easily burst might leave you in an unfavorable situation. This new isn’t a suitable cover in fight. Players can spot you even if you hid behind it (a major drawback of Monster Truck).

We’re waiting for more leaks and official announcement. Stay Tuned.

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