PUBG Mobile New ‘Livik Adventure Event’

PUBG mobile players base keep on increasing day by day and the popularity of game is remarkable. The constant new updates to provide better mobile gameplay experience have made it the top best game on mobile devices. New 0.19.0 update hit the app stores on 7th July 2020 along with brand new exclusive map Livik. Livik brings us many exciting features packed in a small size map that is enough to blow of mind.   

Livik is the highly anticipated map of PUBG Mobile since announced. The new Livik adventure Event in PUBG mobile is most discussed event now. Let’s have a proper look at what we know about ‘Livik Adventure Event’.

About Livik Adventure Event:

PUBG mobile 0.19.0 update brings a new gameplay and gaming experience to players. Livik Adventure Event is a time-limited event that starts from 7th July and lasts until 21st of July. As always, players have a lot of items and rewards to collect from this event. It includes Black Commandor bundle, crate coupon scraps, UC vouchers, BP cards, RP Mission cards, and a lot of AG coins. Let’s dive deeper.

New PUBG mobile exclusive map is divided in six zones/regions. Here each region is assigned specific missions. You will receive the rewards based on these missions across different zones. Every region has 3 missions to complete every day, including a personal mission and two shared missions. Note:  Whenever a player completes a match in Livik, a random region and its corresponding missions will be unlocked.

Players completing the missions can claim all the rewards with exciting new gifts. The personal mission reward is BP while the shared mission reward is AG. And there’s time limited super cool outfit reward – Black Commander set.

If you invite your friends to play with you in Livik, the mission progress will be shared in shared mission section. But you have to complete your personal mission by yourself to claim those rewards. Have you updated the game yet?

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