PUBG Mobile New Map LIVIK Revealed Officially

The new PUBG Mobile map has been the topic of discussion on Internet since the Beta release. Players are all excited for new 0.19.0 update and additional features that are yet to come. PUBG Mobile officially announced the new in-game map called ‘LIVIK’ said as ‘Fourex’ in Beta version. Fans were already anticipating this new update since the leak.

LIVIK is going to be the fastest map in PUBG Mobile spread across 2×2 km. Livik is the combination of all four previous maps of PUBG Mobile. Tencent brought together every aspect of Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi. It is not only a battleground map but also has some sightseeing features for PUBG players’ in-game like Waterfall, new vehicles and many more locations.

The graphics and texture of Livik is more vibrant and beautiful covering every minor details. Let’s have a look at some new features of Livik

Monster Truck

Monster Truck can be found in map, is the huge vehicle in PUBG Mobile with large tyres, specialized from travelling on hills, terrains and mountains. It has decent speed (max 82 km/h), which is quite slow as compare to other vehicles. Truck isn’t a suitable cover during the fight. Large tyres can easily burst and might leave you in an unfavorable situation.

Waterfall Scenery

 The brand new map Livik is not only a battleground of players but also a sightseeing place. The waterfall in livik can be found at various places.

New weapons

Tencent is adding two new weapons on map called SPAS-12 (shotgun )and an AR with a bipod called MK12.

Weapon Crates

Weapon crates is the new upcoming feature. Players can fight this crates at various locations on map. Crate contains loot, guns and ammos with attachments. This is a very helpful feature that is borrowed from COD: Mobile

New AI System

You can also expect a new AI system which all out our teammates during the fight, informing them every significant action of our self automatically. The AI in PUBG Mobile will acts as an assistant that callout teammates updating them our actions like Reloading a gun, knocks out an enemy or kill opponents.

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