PUBG Mobile New ‘Treasure Hunt’ Event Rewards

PUBG Mobile introduces many in-game events every season with plenty of exciting rewards and gift for PUBG players. Recently PUBG mobile revealed a brand new event called ‘Treasure Hunt’. This new event comprise of many exclusive rewards, items and gift for Season 14.The event launched recently and will be available only for a limited time.

Treasure Hunt is available from 30th July- 8th August and promises to reward players with some amazing new gifts and items. The main objective of this event is to explore the nine legendary ancient statues on Erangel Map. Players who find this statue will receive a secret code that can be used to redeem exclusive rewards.

Treasure Hunt Event

PUBG mobile treasure Hunt event starts from 30th July and lasts until 8th August. Players have to find the nine ancient statues to avail awards from this event. Check the Rules below:

Rules :

  1. Players can go to Erangel in Classic Mode and search for Ancient Statues within the designated area.
  2. All 9 statues are scattered over 3 areas and players have to race against time to unlock them
  3. Rewards: Players will obtain corresponding crate rewards for every 3 statues they unlock in each unlocked area. Unlocking all 9 statues will grant players the ultimate treasure.
  4. There will be related events on Twitter, Facebook and VK.

How To Participate

To participate in PUBG Mobile Treasure Hunt Event. Go to PUBG mobile events section on your display and open the Treasure hunt Event from the list.

Once you open the event. You will see an Erangel Map divided into three parts each assigned with a unique number.

Visit the respect locations on Erangel Map and explore the ancient statues spawn at various specific locations on the map. Once you have explored the stautes, you will receive a code that can be redeemed for exclusive rewards.

Treasure Hunt Rewards

Players will receive an amazing rewards upon exploring the Statues. These rewards consist of cool weapon skin, parachute and pirate set. Check Below:

  1. Neon Punk (Blue)-UMP45
  2. Bowknot Parachute
  3. Rookie Pirate Set

This even is only available for few days, Be quick to grab your rewards ASAP!

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