PUBG Mobile: New Weapon P90 Everything we know

PUBG Mobile entered Season 13 with 0.18.0 update that brings us many additional features, weapons and vehicles in-game. The recent update also includes anti-cheat rank protection with highly anticipated mad Miramar map and Golden Mirado. Players were all hyped up until the release of new update which is live now.

Another major update was the addition of new SMG rifle P90. Let’s have a look at everything we know about P90.

The new SMG is a lethal weapon in close combat with significant high firing rate as compared to other rifles. This new SMG gun is only spawned in Arena Mode for a while, but developers may bring it to classic soon. P90 uses 9mm of bullet with high load mag capacity of 50 bullets. 50 bullets with high fire rate is enough to bring down a whole squad.


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P90 one of the best submachine guns in PUBG Mobile currently. This new weapon is more flexible than other SMGs consist of three firing modes single, burst, and auto. P90 is a beast in close combat and can also prove helpful in long range combat.

P90 can deal a greater damage to enemy with 50 bullets loaded and high firing rate. It is destructive weapon in close-range. It also has rooms for attachments that make it more stable and accurate. Attachments slots include muzzles, sight and scope (from red dot, holo to 6x), and laser sight. With proper attachment, you can bring out the best of P90.

I have used it in Arena mode and enjoyed a lot. I say it as a mega UZI. What are your views on P90?

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