PUBG Mobile Pan: Stats and Use

How you felt while taking down your enemy with a PAN for the first time?

PUBG Mobile is the most popular video game on Android and iOS devices. With huge fan following and enormous player base, the title dominated the mobile gaming.  Maps, graphics and weapons in PUBG Mobile are the primary reasons for the popularity of game. There are plenty of weapons available in game from pistol, shotguns, Assault rifles and snipers to Melee weapons.

Melee weapons in PUBG Mobile is quite underrated. Players rarely make use of it in-game. This weapons are most useful and handy in initial game stages or when you have to take down unarmed enemies. Two proper hits is all you need. Today we’ll talk about the most powerful Melee weapon in PUBG Mobile – PAN.

Pan can be the most useful item in close combat when you run out of bullets or at the start of game. It can prove to be the coolest weapon at various occasions. It’s the most off-beat weapon in PUBG Mobile to take down your enemies and prove yourself as the dominant one in battle ground.

Pan can shot down your enemy in one or two hits. It’s the most powerful melee weapon used by many PUBG players in-game. Pan not only deals a massive amount of damage but also protects you from bullets. No bullets can penetrate pan in game. This melee weapon is also a life saviour.

PAN Stats

The top most high power melee weapon PAN deals a great damage

Power: 80
Rate of Fire: 5
Range: 2

Where to Find Pan

PAN can be found at any location in PUBG Mobile. However, the hot drop location have the high probability of Pan.

How to Use Pan

To use pan the very first thing you need is a training. Also, there’re various techniques and guides on Internet that explains how to fluidly use Pan.

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