PUBG Mobile: Powerful Shotguns You Need to Know

Even after the ban of PUBG Mobile in India, it’s the most popular game worldwide for Android and iOS devices. Weapons in PUBG Mobile are the primary reason, the game has so many players. From snipers, Shotguns, Assault rifles to Pistol these unique set of guns has attracted over millions of players in the game.

PUBG Mobile is primarily known for its excellent weapons in-game including snipers, Assault Rifle, shotguns and pistols. Graphics, Weapons and maps are the major reason why PUBG Mobile has an enormous player base. 

The game will relaunch soon back in India, as confirmed by officials. Before that, let us have a look at the Shotguns in PUBG Mobile.


When it comes to the shotgun in PUBG Mobile, S12K steals the show. One of the most powerful and dependable weapons in-game. S12k is a semi-automatic that allows you to shoot multiple rounds. It can hold 8 shells with an extended magazine and works flawlessly in close combat. You can even clear a whole room with this weapon if used properly and precisely.


DBS is the next powerful rare airdrop weapon in PUBG Mobile. This gun holds great potential, performs outstandingly in close combat. It is a double-barrelled pump-action shotgun that is considered as a weakness of all other shotguns. Hence placed at #2 in our list. Despite the pump-action, DBS is the powerful one specialized in killing enemies, can deal super high burst damage, with a base damage of 26. Only 5 pellets to hit for a headshot and 6 pellets to hit for a body shot to bring down an enemy.


Last but not the least, the jack of all trades S686 hardly disappoints PUBG Mobile players. S686 fire 2 shots in a row before having to reload and if it hits, it is enough to knock down your enemies. S686 if mastered is way more powerful than you think.

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