PUBG Mobile: Season 12 Update Death Replay & New Mode

Pubg Mobile is one of top Battle Royale games on Android & iOS devices. Tencent’s PUBG Mobile will soon complete its 2nd anniversary in March 2020. Developers are planning to make this anniversary big with lots of goodies, gifts and rewards. PUBG mobile will also receive 0.17.0 update next month celebrating game’s 2nd anniversary.

Next PUBG Mobile update0.17.0 is already available on beta test will went live on next month.

New 0.17.0 update includes lot more new features, weapons, new modes and many other updates. The latest additions may include Amusement Park and the New Cold mode. New weapons in an upcoming update include UZI Pro as the name suggest is an upgraded version of present Micro UZI. Other new weapons is airdrop gun DBS (double-barreled shotgun), we know shotgun have a greater damage and hard to use in PUBG Mobile. DBS is a powerful shotgun with higher damage useful in close combats.

Tencent titles new Mode as Extreme Mode, It is a new survival mode in game where players have to collect essential resources to survive against enemies and cold wave said to damage player’s health.

Game will also feature a new Death replay button that will replay your death moment in the game. Players can now easily find how they died and avoid making same mistakes.

Along with it, we will see new Erangel 2.0 Map is a revamped version of Player unknown Battlegrounds classic Erangel Map. It consists of new locations to explore, better visuals and hideouts, etc. Erangel Map 2.0 brings several gameplay changes and new in-game dynamics. However, there’s no confirmation news yet we expect Erangel 2.0 in next update.

Are you excited for next PUBG Mobile update ?

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