PUBG Mobile Slangs that Every Pro Player Uses

Pubg Mobile has created a benchmark being the most popular and successful games on Android and iOS devices. The constant updates and a diversity of unique options in PUBG Mobile offers exceptional gaming experience. PUBG Mobile has an enormous fanbase. Weapons and Maps are the other major reasons whyPUBGM is loved by millions of players.

The ban on the most popular game in India took everyone by surprise. The government of India banned more than 200 Chinese apps including PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite due to concern over the security and integrity of Indian players. Here are some most used slangs by the pro players in PUBG Mobile that you must know.

Form up on me

Form up on me, the most used slang to call out all our teammates in-game. As the phrase goes ‘unity is strength,’ it’s very important to use our military forces in a strategic way to deal with enemies. When you encounter an enemy ‘Form up on me’ quickly inform all your teammates thereby also asking them for a hand. It may save you from death in PUBG Mobile.

Get to the safe zone

PUBG Mobile is a survival game where the last man standing wins. One of the main objectives of players in-game is to stay in the zone. The zone keeps shrinking in pubg mobile and ‘Get to the safe zone’ instantly informs your teammates to fall back to safe zone ASAP. It is another best slang which is used to constantly keep your teammates updated.

Enemy Spotted For Real This Time

Enemies ahead slang in PUBG Mobile is very helpful, where you spot enemies nearby. One of the fundamentals of PUBG Mobile is spotting enemies quickly and informing as soon as possible to our crewmates. Enemies Ahead can save you and your team in such situations.

Focus on the boss

PUBG mobile is more than firing s and surviving. You have to follow a strategy and play along with your team to win the game. Focus on your boss simply tells you to follow your captain or leader in squad. To align members is of great importance in PUBG Mobile and ‘Focus on the boss’ tells you to do it.

Get behind the tree

The tree is the best cover when in open. They are even better than buildings for cover in PUBG mobile sometimes. Our teammates often use ‘Get behind the tree’ to instruct us to take a cover.

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