PUBG Mobile: Top 5 Assault Rifles With Low Recoil

PUBG Mobile is one of the most played game on mobile devices. Over the years the numbers of PUBG  players have been greatly increased and still counting. It has an enormous player base across the world. Everyday millions of players connect on PUBGM global server to battle against each other. PUBGM offers various weapons in-game including snipers, Assault Rifle, shotguns and pistols.

However, every new player in PUBG Mobile faces difficulty in recoil control. Recoil control plays a very important role in-game. It affects aspects like your accuracy of bullets and overall performance. Do you know the Top Assault Rifles With Low Recoil?

Top 5 Assault Rifles With Low Recoil


AUG A3 especially know for the lowest recoil weapon in POUBG Mobile. It is a destructive assault rifle only found in Crates has its own weakness and strengths. AUG has the same damage rate as M416 41 but the exceptional handling with proper attachments make this gun unique from all. The major drawback of AUG is its reload time. Gun loads 5.56mm bullets and deals maximum damage upto 70meters. YOu can easiloy contyrol the recoil of AUG A3.


M416 is the among the best AR gun in PUBG mobile. A versatile weapon that can be controlled easily with proper attachments. M416 is the best go for newbies. It’s also the most loved weapon in PUBG Mobile.


Scar-L is among the stable and mostly preferred AR by newbies. It has large room for attachments that make vertical and horizontal recoil control easy. SCAR-L has Firing rate of 69 and deals a substantial damage of 41.


QBZ is an exclusive weapon for Sanhok. it’s basically a replacement of Scar-l and is very stable, balanced, and powerful weapon in PUBG Mobile.  This 5.56 assault rifle which has the lowest recoil rate and you can shoot accurately without sight or scope.


G36C has a very least recoil and only spawned in Vikendi. It’s also the replacement for Scar-L in Vikendi. G36C has the low recoil and stable weapon in game that fires 5.56mm of bullets. Along with it G36C also has a very high firing rate that makes it the most powerful weapon in game.

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