Pubg Mobile Payload Mode hits the ground today.

Tencent’s top grossing game Pubg Mobile is now live with new EvoGround mode called Payload mode.Payload Mode went live today on 23rd October as informed by officials.However after the Pubg Mobile update 0.15.0 the Payload mode was lock,wait has been over now as it is finally here with some great new features.

Payload mode brings us new updates for better and interesting game-play.You are about to see new weapons ,skins,new vehicles & new gameplay features in this mode. The game will be rolled out on small area from Erangel map.

Top 5 New Things in Payload Mode are:-

  1. A Quick Revive Option i.e if our teammates get killed we’re able to collect their ID cards take them to communication tower and revive them.
  2. Explosive heavy weapons like RPG-7, M3E1-A, M79 & M134 i.e Two Rocket-launchers, one Grenade launcher and mini-gun respectively.
  3. Helicopter that enable players to move around the map and fire mid-air (rocket-launchers can be used to destroy helicopters).
  4. A new amphibious armored vehicle with increased protection BRDM-2 (replacing armored UAZ) which can run in water too have bulletproof tires.
  5. A new pistol “Desert Eagle” has been added which deals heavy damage of 62 & uses 0.45ACP ammo.

Another features we get to see is we can explode barrels around and fuels can be used as an explosive item.Players can grab onto ledges, climb between walls,jump mid-air.The dynamics of game,graphics have been improved allowing players to have an amazing gameplay experience.

Stay tuned for more updates and features about PUBG: Mobile.