PUBG Mobile : Update 0.16.0 Rage Gear mode to be out in December 11

Tencent’s one of top battle royal game PUBG Mobile have been receiving a lots of updates from last months making the game more interesting to play.The news of Update 0.16.0 is already out with new features which we will be seeing soon in December 2019 around first week.

Tencent is also p;planning to bring a Death Race “Rage Gear ” mode to PUBG Mobile that will be available in EvoGround Mode.As per reports we will be receiving PUBG Mobile update 0.16.0 on November 9 while new Gear mode will roll out on December 11 2019.In this mode we have to kill our opponents using heavy weapons and vehicles assigned to us.Various rewards,crates and points will be provided based on performances.

Along with Rage gear we also have many more new features like Switch options from FPP to TPP and vice versa which will allow us to change the view as we please.Improved visuals and bug fixes.So the new update is almost close with new mode revealed.

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