Top 5 Games Alike PUBG Mobile 2020

PUBG Mobile has become a phenomenon with millions of player base. Dominating the Battle royale genre in mobile Gaming, PUBG mobile stands out as best. Over the years, the gaming experience, gameplay have been improved and become advance because of PUBG Mobile. Various games like PUBG mobile have been released since then. If you’re looking for an alternate battle royale like PUBG Mobile. We have Top 5 battle royale games Like PUBG Mobile. check the list below.

5 Cyber Hunter Lite

Cyber Hunter Lite is similar to PUBGM Lite featuring all the characteristics and elements of game blended in a futuristic manner. It can be played on low end Android devices. The games  lighting, terrain textures, foliage and building brings you to a more realistic Dreamland. Cyber huunter offers a great first persons hooting experience.

4 Pixel Battleroyale

Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground is a third-person action game that is very much inspired from PUBG Mobile.You have to be the last one standing in this ruthless battle, fighting against other players in an enormous setting full of weapons avoid the danger zone which collapse frequently in-game. Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground is a great multiplayer shooter that lets you explore an enormous scenario and fight against tons of other players simultaneously.

3 Free Fire

Free Fire is another popular game alongside Player Unknown Battleground.This is an online third-person shooting game highly influenced from PUBG.

Players join a group of up to 50 and battle to the death on an enormous island full of weapons and vehicles. Only one player will make it off of this island alive and victor.The game lasts hardly for 15 minutes. Free fire offers an incredible gameplay experience with less memory space on your devices.

2 Knives Out

Knives Out is also a Battle royal game developed by NetEase. The game is inspired from PUBG and is another alternative if you want to try other battle-royale games. We can say Knives out is a pubg rip off.

Knives out play as a same concept with 100 players dropped on an island armed to the teeth with weapons and off-roaders set to gun down player after player. Last one to survive the game wins. Knives out offers outstanding graphics with excellent online-shooting experience.

1 Hopeless Land

This is the new battle royale game that has been downloaded 5crors times on Playstore. Hopeless Landss have very similarities like PUBG mobile including weapons, vehicles and in-game communication between players. It has a decent graphic and smooth gameplay control that adds to the rawness of the game. This is a good try if you want to switch up from PUBG Mobile.

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