Top 5 Sniper Locations in Vikendi – PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has dominated the Indian gaming industry since the launch. It’s also responsible for the revolution of Esports in India. PUBG mobile offers a great graphic, weapons and environment in your Smartphone screen to enjoy. Developer’s constant updates have improved PUBG mobile a lot over the years.

PUBG Mobile is widely popular mobile game globally. Weapons in the game are the primary reason for enormous player base. PUBG Mobile features arsenal of weapons from pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles to Assault rifles in-game.

However, Sniper rifles in PUBG Mobile aren’t easy to find. Snipers in game belong to rare weapon class hence, finding them in–game may be hectic sometimes. In this article, we will focus on sniper rifles and the best locations that have the highest probability in Vikendi.


First in our list is the Podvosto is a traditional river city that features a big bridge. It has the highest possibility loot of bolt action sniper rifles – Kar98 and M24. Podvosto has a secret cave full of loot and you can get your hands on sniper rifles easily here.


Siper rifles can also be found here on the castle which has a decent loot and high probability of 8x scope and snipers. Castle is one of the safest place to land on vikendi that provides good loot supply.


Villa is another best location for sniper rifle in Vikendi map. Yopu can easily find any kind of snipers here. This place has a great loot and highest chance of sniper rifle.


Cosmodrome has a Vikendi’s tallest structure and have impressive loot. IT is one of best camping spots in Vikendi with amazing loot. You can spot enemies and snipe down them from here.


The last in our list Krichas, is a town located in the south-west of vikendi has a rich amout of loots. Finding snipers is not a difficult task here. Krichas the the next top spot for sniper locations in Vikendi.

What’s your fav sniper rifle?

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