Unlock New Airborne Class in Call of Duty Mobile

Call of duty Mobile is a top shooting game on android and iOS devices .Activision’s COD still hold the flag on top.Call of Duty mobile had only 6 class until now with 7th added call “Airborne” which is lock and can be unlocked by completing task for “Battle Royale Chip Event – Airborne”event.

Players have to complete following missions to unlock this class.In all it consist of 10 missions, once you complete all of them Airborne class gets unlock.The best feature of Ariborne class is that players can reposition the whole team within a distance of up to 150 meters away plus the height advantages over enemies.Its somewhat similar to ninja class which allows us to reposition quickly.

Set of missions to unlock Airborne class

  1. Players have to Login for 3 days
  2. Climb to the top 10 list in Battle royal mode twice.
  3. Complete two battle royal matches.
  4. Min use of two Chip skills in matches.
  5. Kill 10 enemies in Battle Royale mode
  6. top the battle royal mode for surviving whole 50 minutes.

Airborne class has two skills- 1) Active skill: Summon a catapult that ejects your team into the air up to 100 meters and deploy your wings to glide. With an upgrade chip, the catapult can eject you into the air up to 150 meters.

2) Passive skill: Become more buoyant while using the wingsuit.

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