Why So Much Obsession Over Among Us?

If you’re active online, you must have heard about this new Indie game ‘Among US’ which rose to a great height suddenly out of nowhere. The popularity of the game flooded the Internet with memes, videos and many more contents. But, why there’s so much obsession about Among Us?

Among Us grew significantly over recent weeks and has now become one of the most popular games for both PC and Mobile. There’re endless contents of the game on YouTube and other platforms. People who haven’t played the game yet, must be wondering what the hype is all about? meanwhile, those who have played the game are so obsessed with it regardless of graphics and high-quality gaming experience.

Among Us is a multiplayer game which can be played with friends, where 4-10 players take the roles of spaceship crew members.  However, there’re few alien imposters among the crew whose objective is to blend in while simultaneously sabotaging and murdering the other players without being caught. The concept of the game is similar to Mafia, Werewolf and Project Winter.

The game has a better atmosphere and better customization options such as the player’s name, character color and even add-ons like hats, clothes and floating pets

Why so much hype? Popular Twitch streamers and YouTubers pick this game playing online which drastically improved the existence of the game. And, more and more people started playing and joining the Among Us community. The game is quite addictive and another major reason is- it demands very fewer requirements to play the game. So, every player with low-end devices can enjoy the game without any limitations.

The requirements for Among us-1 GB of RAM, 250mb of hard drive space and a PC powerful enough to handle Windows 7.

According to SensorTower, Among Us earned 18.4 million mobile downloads in August, eight times as compared to July 2.4 million downloads. The game later earned around  41.9 million mobile downloads in September.

Overall, it’s a great game to enjoy in quarantine and play with a group of friends.

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