WWE fans, The wait is over !

2K sports and visual concepts professional wrestling video game WWE 2k20 is out there in market now. WWE 2k20 globally released yesterday on 22 October 2019.

WWE being in a lethal position, Fans were eagerly waiting for its release. 2k20 is available to play now on Playstation 4, Xbox and PC. WWE have some new fresh features,themes etc.The story mode in My Career is awesome, mixed tag-team career mode,more female characters and good cinematics.

Well the reviews of game is not upto par as per expectations.The visuals are somewhat nice but not so good though character entries & celebrations look great.However it sucks during matches while in ring.There are glitches,bugs in a game which is clearly visible to player spoils the game-play,many missteps and collision detection with props can be found.

The creation suite is desirable. Sound play,background music and commentary does not seems to have much changes from 2k19. Character customization of new and existing wrestler with lots of various upgrade options are available. You have to unlock characters, attires, weapons and more battling alternate versions of several WWE Superstars.

No improvement is seen in gameplay in this series as well,its low since 2k17 as per reviews.Players are encountering a lots of glitches during a play which is hilarious as well as awful.Few match types are missing like ambulance match,beat the clock which could be included.

Social reactions of players is disappointing:


What you think of WWE 2k20 ? let me know in comment section. Let’s hope that we get the patches fix with further updates as soon possible.